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Welcome to www.proudSA.com The question now is, are you?

I used to be very proud citizen of South Africa. I tried to be a good ambassador by spreading the word about how beautiful this country is, and what a glorious place it is to live in.  Unfortunately due to widespread corruption by government officials, crime and the general ‘just-don’t-give-a-damn’ attitude which too many of the population of this country have adopted, this is no longer so.

www.proudSA.com is now a photo journalistic blog of ‘then and now’ depicting the once beautiful sites, scenery and riches that both locals and tourists could admire, adore and afford. It does however also focus on the poverty and crime ridden demise we are forced to witness everyday.

I am certainly not as proud as I once was and think twice before inviting tourists to my birth country. I would rather they invited me to theirs – forever!!! YES, the grass really is greener in Ireland!!! On second thoughts, South Africa is sinking faster than Venice, come get your photos while you can!

I have now taken to moving around my ‘home town’ and country with a camera (firmly strapped to my wrist to prevent theft) so that I may expose the ‘glory’ of South Africa as witnessed in 2012.

For many it’s not going to be a pleasant ride, for some it will foster good memories and that’s at least something no-one can take away.

If you have any old snapshots or tales of the glory days of what was and would like to contribute to this website, please consider sending them to curt@proudsa.com

Thank you for your time.


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