Got photos or tales from days of yore???

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These are just a few pics which where emailed to me and got me thinking about putting together this website.

As a kid I remember our family excursions into Johannesburg at Christmas time to check out the lights at night. The colourful floats down the main drag on a Saturday morning or the ambling through town whilst ‘window shopping’ after our monthly (?) jaunt to the dentist on the other side of town. These were the days when major retailers had stores in downtown Johannesburg which had plate glass windows and not the steel roller security doors and gates we have become so accustomed to.

Do any of these photos hold symbolic meanings or fond memories for you? I will endeavour to trace the same spots where these photos were snapped and get some 2012 updates hopefully without incident or attempted ‘smash and grabs’. I am allowed to say smash-and-grab since I became a statistic in 2002 – but then again, who isn’t these days? Sadly the Colosseum no longer exists. I remember as a kid attending what I think was one of the last performances of the Brickhill Burke Follies. The absolute denial of my father on the drive home that the dancers were wearing nipple caps still rings in my ears. My mother swearing blindly “thats all they were wearing!” also still haunts me. I was on the backseat wondering what the hell a nipple cap was. Hell, truth be told, I was wondering what a nipple was!

The Grand Old Dame of Joahnnesburg
The Colosseum Theatre, the Grand Old Dame for culture hungry, art starved theatre go-ers!!! A time when people dressed to go to the theatre and didn’t just slip into a pair of denims and flip flops.
The Main OK Bazaars Branch in Johannesburg
Rissik Street Johannesburg 1973
Top end of Rissik Street near the Childrrens Hospital
At the top end of Rissik Street near the Childrens Hospital
The Oppenheimer Gardens 1973
The Oppenheimer Gardens 1973 – sadly the sculpture was broken down bit by bit and sold off by the thieves as scrap metal.



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